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Navdeep can brush a cockroach off of his plate and continue eating. Sona flies into hysterics at the very idea of a cockroach (or any other creepy-crawly thing) within a ten-mile radius.

In addition to the occasional auto and cycle-rickshaw, Sona has only ever traveled in India via the comfy and superfast Shatabdi Express. Navdeep enjoys hair-raising bumpy local bus rides and is an avid fan of desi ghee, haggling, and we both love our Limca. We may be polar opposites when it comes to traveling, but we have enough in common to meet halfway (or so we think!).

Join us on one of hopefully many backpacking honeymoon adventures where we combine our skills in photography and videography to blog about the different places we visit, the people we meet, and the delicious food we eat.

Oh and Navdeep kills a few insects at Sona's "request."

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